I can imagine it's quite a step making an appointment with a psychologist. Maybe you are already struggling for some time with yourself or with your partner and now you feel it is the time to get some help. It takes courage. Because I combine modern Psychology with Intuitive skills you will experience peace, energy and decisiveness in a relatively short time.

Modern Psychology will help you understand and change the way you think, feel and act. Intuitive Reading will help you gain clarity about your direction in life and your current blocks to greater happiness and fulfillment.

If you want you can Skype me from any place in the world.

Ideas and applications

Buddhism, RET (Rational Emotiive Therapy), CLI (Centrum voor Leven en Intuïtie), Byron Katie, Brandon Bays, School voor Zijnsoriëntatie of Hans Knibbe, Focussing, Gevoelstherapie (Like Alice Miller), the model of Non-violent Communication, Sedona Method and Tarot.

Toward a Psychology of Awakening by John Welwood.

HANTA YO means 'make way' in Indian Lakotah language. Make way for yourself.


Therapy, in my practise in The Hague, by phone or Skype, lasts about 60 minutes and costs € 95.Most Dutch Health insurances cover the treatment by the 'Supplementary insurance - Alternative treatments'.
Sessions by phone or Skype can be paid in advance using the Paypal button below (Paypal and creditcard) or by Ideal (Dutch banks) on this page.

Contact information

Frans van den Berg